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Illegal TV streaming gang arrested.

So five people have been arrested and dozens of servers shutdown after a raid by the police in across Europe.

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The service called IPTV services is run by the gang and they offer customers over 800 channels( stolen channels), The raids came as three British men were jailed for pirating footage of top football matches.

In a report by the Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, they said the raid was their biggest hit against pirated IPTV services ina while. The gang behind the European network ran 11 separate sites that offered IPTV streams. They gave access to football matches as well as national broadcasters, US cable networks, on-demand movies, radio stations and porn.(😷)

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Well as we would expect, all this won’t come for free. Access price is said to range from €40 (£35) per month and could go as high as €460, said Spanish police who led the operation. They offered their services in 30 countries with servers located in Spain,Denmark, the UK, Latvia, Holland and Cyprus. In total 66 servers have been disconnected as a result of the raids(😨😱). The gang are said to have made about €8m from running the online TV services.

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The police said the raid was as a result of their recent arrest, three men in the UK who were recently apprehended for pirating footage of matches and selling them to clubs and pubs😎. The trio is said to have made around £5m from selling their pirated stuff over a period of 10 years.

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