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Huawei Mate 30: It Does Not Run Any Google Apps

So Huawei on Thursday unveiled it brand new 5G flagship phone, the Huawei Mate 30, in Munich Germany.

Huawei Mate 30 : Does it run Android?

It was all good and you even get a choice to get models bound in vegan leather. But there was just one little glitch that put everyone off, the new Mate 30 does not come with any Google apps.(that a bummer)

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The Huawei Mate 30 is said to run on EMUI 10, which is an operating system that based on Android 10. But the main difference between this one and other Huawei smartphones is the fact that this one does not run any Google apps.

But I guess we all know the reason for this, it not like Huawei doesn’t want to run Google apps anymore, but all thanks to the US blacklisting Huawei, the smartphone makers can no longer run Google apps like Gmail, Google search and most importantly Google playstore.

Huawei is replacing all those Google apps with it own apps which it calls Huawei mobile services. This services include a web browser, a photo Gallary and Huawei’s appGallary app store.(But still…)

During the event Richard Yu, Huawei’s consumer chief urged Developers to create apps for the ecosystem.

The phone comes in two editions, the Mate 30 which comes at a starting price of $884 while the Mate 30 Pro comes at $1,216.

According to Thomas Husson, a Forrester analyst, he said that “While the new device will help Huawei compete China which is still the largest smartphone market in the world – the firm will struggle in Europe due the lack of playstore.”

He went on to say that “If consumers can’t easily access their favorite apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Google Maps and others, retailers in some European countries may even be skeptical on the opportunity to distribute the device.” That so true.

As we all know Huawei is the second largest smartphone makers in the word just behind Samsung(the kingof course). They have been known to make high-end phones and have gained popularity in Europe over the past years.

But from what we’re seeing that position might be threatened by lack of access to Google services like Gmail and Playstore.

Although Huawei Mate 30 still runs on Android 10 operating system but that because some pieces of the Google software is open-source.

If things doesn’t work out as planed we might see Huawei come down to it last resort, which is to use it Harmony OS, an operating system it created.

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