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Huawei got caught passing off this professional image as a photo taken with its new flagship phone.

So i guess at this point Huawei must have become a household name for us like whenever you hear Huawei things like “US feud with the company”😉😏 comes to mind or things like it that phone that comes with an insanely clear camera. And probably am assuming you all already know of their new phone that gonna be out soon, it the “P30″. An Huawei exec was reported to have hyped the upcoming flagship phone camera which the company claims is gonna be coming with a “super-zoomperiscope camera.

So here’s the digg, the company uploaded a couple of photos to it Huawei weibo account showcasing the phone’s “proposed” zooming capabilities, but sources and experts like GSMarena have come out to say that the images it uploaded were gotten from Getty-images( that a shame). The shot of an erupting volcano was gotten from Getty-images and was taken with a DSLR camera.

The Verge reports that once the images’ origins were revealed online, Huawei added disclaimers.😂😝 By the way this is not the first time Huawei has been caught posting pictures taken with an actual camera and claiming it was taken by their phone. Want examples, i got you. In july of 2016 the company’s proposed promotional video was taken with a camera worth “get this”

$4,500 and claimed it was taken on the Huawei P9(these guys must really think we are stupid), it doesn’t end there the company was also involved in another, In 2018, a behind-the-scenes photo from a Huawei Nova 3 ad revealed it had been shot on a DSLR camera again.

The company has refused to comment on the issue and are still going to be releasing the P30 on 26 march in paris. I really feel sorry for them cause this is coming at a time when the company is trying to convince the western world that it devices are not used in spying on the US by the chinese.

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