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How to hack a Wi-Fi password using Command Prompt

So have you ever come across an open Wi-Fi or go into a cafe to use their Wi-Fi but they suggest you buy a cuppa of coffee before you get the password?.

download 9 2081877735 - How to hack a Wi-Fi password using Command Prompt

Well if you’ve been a victim of this then this is for you and all you need is just a computer that runs Windows OS.

So first what you have to do is open your Command Prompt, well for those who don’t know what a command prompt is. It just an interface on Windows computer through which you an perform almost all the task you would normally do with your Windows UI.

The only difference is that the CMD which is short for Command Prompt is mostly used by computer geeks who know a thing or two about programming.

To open your Command Prompt simply press the key Windows + R which will open the run w indow, then in the run window type CMD

and click enter to open the CMD prompt.

Next type in netsh show profiles to see all the available networks in your system. Once you’ve seen all the available networks you type in netsh show profiles (the network name e.g TechcoppWifi) to see all the necessary details about the Wi-Fi you wish to hack.

Now this is the part where you actually see the password, all you have to do is type in netsh wlan show profiles TechcoppWifi Key=clear and the Wi-Fi’s password should appear.

Boom and that it, Wi-Fi password hacked. It as simple as that.

If you got any errors or if that didn’t work for you don’t hesitate to send us a complaint so we can help you out.

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