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How to download and install eclipse for Java

So before you can begin compiling your java codes and seeing the results, you’re gonna have to download something called an IDE.

An IDE which is short for “integrated development environment” is simply just a platform or “environment” where you can write your codes and compile to see the result. They are built specifically for the purpose of running a particular programming language.

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There are several IDEs used in compiling java codes like intelij, NetBeans and Eclipse. But I’ll suggest you use eclipse because it simple, straight forward and of course that what i use.

So to download eclipse just go onto your browser and type in, when this loads you’re gonna land on the main page.

From there you should see a tab called downloads, click on that then click on Windows and follow the basic instructions like what bits your system run then accept their terms and condition and woala, eclipse should begin downloading on your computer.


When it done downloading go to wherever your downloads are and you should see a zip file, right click it and select extract all. Once it done extracting, you should get yourself a regular folder.

Click on that folder and you should see your eclipse icon or a file that labelled application, right click it and select send to desktop so you don’t have to go through all those stress to access your program.

In the next tutorial you’re gonna be learning how to setup and use your newly installed eclipse.

If you came across any problem or errors while doing this, dont hesitate to hit us with a message down in the comment section.

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