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History Supreme: The World’s Most Expensive Yacht

This is just one of those things in life we see and just can’t seem to comprehend but then we just be like, yeah it is what it is.

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The History Supreme is meant for billionaires not millionaires

Yes we are talking about the “most expensive yacht” in the world which is nicknamed the History Supreme.

People say “near death experience” but i say the nearest yacht experience you can ever have with this luxurious beast is either you see it on photo or from a distance.

Well unless you have £3 billion laying around and you’re wondering what to do with it then you’re in luck. ⛵

I know you all might be wondering what the heck made this yacht that expensive? Well the History Supreme is coated with 100,000kg of gold and platinum.(Yes real gold)

That not all that contained in the yacht, it is also said that the mega-yacht has a statue made from real Tyrannosaurus Rex bones.😲

The dinosaur bone statue is kept in the master bedroom (well, though…) and just to blow your mind further, reports has it that pieces of the thigh bone alone cost about £68,000.

The History Supreme was built over the course of three years by well known UK designer Stuart Hughes. According to Hughes, the yacht comes at that huge price due to the gold and dinosaur bones it contain.

Most of the things in the yacht are covered in either gold, diamond or platinum, a luxury liquor bottle for example is said to be covered in 18.5 carat diamond and also an aquarium made out of 68kg of 24 carat gold.


I think this yacht is simply just one of the ways the filthy rich are trying to remind us all of how poor and unfortunate we are, I mean who coats an anchor in gold.😋😎

Like that not enough, there is also an iPhone covered in 500 diamonds with two other diamonds that could be interchanged and fitted over the “Home button”😭

Remember what I said about having enough money laying around before you could afford this, well an anonymous Malaysian businessman seems to have such money laying around as he was reported to have acquired the yacht for a whooping £2.53 billion in 2011.

No one knows if the Malaysian mystery billionaire still owns the yacht or if he has sold it out. As at the time of writing the History Supreme still remains the most expensive yacht on the planet earth with no other yacht coming even close to reaching that £3 billion price tag.

One thing is for sure and that the fact that yachts like the History Supreme and others like it are meant for the very super rich one percent in the world.

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