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Here’s Why An Airplane Tire Does Not Explode On Landing

Ever wondered how a plane weighing so much lands or touches down on it tires without the tires exploding? I mean in a normal sense it just not suppose to be possible but yet it happens. 😞

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Airplane tires are one of the strongest tires around

Whenever you are in a plane and it touches down, just know that what keeping you from coming into contact with the tarmac is just a rubber tire.

So what exactly are these airplane tires made of that makes them so tough that they don’t go boom even under the harshest conditions.

According to experts, airplane tires are made with synthetic rubber reinforced with aluminum steel and nylon. Also to avoid effects due to change in temperature and pressure, the tires are usually filled with Nitrogen gas.


Plane tires are also grooved to help it displace water when it lands on a wet surface because you do not wanna ride on slippery tires.

An average commercial jet usually have about 20 tires and gets changed or retread after a total of 500 touch downs.

To change a plane’s tire isn’t as easy as it may seem, to change a single plane tire it takes two good mechanics as long as two hours.

So after a maximum of 500 touch downs and seven retreadings, the plane’s tire can be sent to a children’s playground or for recycling.

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