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Best WordPress Security Plugin For 2019

So as we all know WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world right now and 25% of all websites in the internet runs on it. Due to wordpress popularity, hackers have been known to always try and hack websites running on the CMS platform.

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WordPress Best security plugin of the year

The ease of use and powerful features makes wordpress the number 1 CMS for most webmasters. So many large websites are being powered by wordpress and as such, there is need for a very good security protocol.

Today we are going to be talking about the best WordPress Security plugin you find online right now. Of course we have heard of so many good security plugins but today we are gonna know which amongst them all is the best.

Our best wordpress security plugin for 2019 goes to WordFence Security. Yes that right, wordfence is a very powerful plugin that comes with some very insane and powerful features. The most interesting part or feature of the WordFence security plugin is it ability to learn, yes that right, the plugin actually learns overtime.

When you install the plugin for the first time it

automatically sets itself to a default learning mode for about a week. Throughout that week it studies your site and suggests ways to better protect the site.

Some of the incredible features of the WordFence plugin includes a firewall, Security scanner and a very comprehensive Login security. If your site begins to experience some sort of unusual surge in traffic, the wordfence plugin is gonna block those traffic and notify you just in case it happens to be a DDoS attack.

It features doesn’t just end there, it also scans your site on regular basis to check for any form of malware. It also has an endpoint site protection that enables deep integration of the WordPress and also the ability to decrypt encrypted messages.

The plugin also has a central control station called the Wordfence central. This is were you manage all the activities and security functions of what the plugin does. From here you can also track and monitor your site events like when another admin logs in and what is happening on your site at the moment.

The Wordfence plugin also gives you the power to block traffic from any country, block IPs or create rules on how the system would automatically block them.
If you’re looking for a plugin that would give your site the maximum security you need, then I suggest you go for the Wordfence security plugin.

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