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Here is how to make your folders on your computer invisible

So have you ever wanted to make your folders invisible or wanted it to be like password protected so no one could access it except you?. Well if you’ve ever been in that situation then here is a simple way to make a folder on your computer private.

So first thing’s first, identify the folder you want invisible and click on it once, then right click on it and select Rename so we can wipe out it name.

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After selecting Rename hold down your alt key and press the numbers 255 then let go off the alt key the name should disappear.

That one part done, now to make the folder really invisible click on it again once, then select properties>customize and select “change icon” then scroll to the left you should see a blank or rather empty icon symbol. Select it and click apply and ok, now your folder is invisible to a visitor and you can see the folder by clicking select all folders (ctrl a) and you’ll see the square box.

So there you have it, how to make a folder on your computer invisible.


Okay so I’m gonna be giving you guys a bonus trick on how to put a password for a folder.

So to put a password for a folder click the folder and scroll over send to and select “compressed (zipped) folder”, after doing that a new folder should form, click on the new zipped folder and go to “extract all files” which should extract all the files in that folder.

Now select all the files that was extracted and highlight the entire files then go to “file” on the title bar and select add password, input a password, re-enter the password to verify and click ok and woala, just like that you’ve passworded your folder.

Now if someone who’s not you tries to open that zipped folder it request a password which only you have.

If you encounter any problems while doing any of these then don’t hesitate to let us know down in the comment section below.

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