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Here is everything you need to know when thinking of becoming a programmer

So recently have been getting a lot of requests to start a programming tutorial session and i have finally decided to that for you guys.

I will be writing on java programming because that the language with the highest number of request and it is also a freaking cool language to learn first if you’re looking to dive into the world of Android development.

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So enough with the boring talk and let dive right into it;

What is programming

Programming in it simplest term can be said to be the process of writing codes that a computer understands to perform a specific task.

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A computer is a very complex system that can never be completely understood by anyone, as a matter of fact do you know that most of don’t even use up to 10% of our computer’s capability? Ya that right.

Just as we humans have a specific language we understand like some of us understand English but not Spanish. Well that the same with computers, they only understand one language and that machine language

which are basically 1s and 0s.

But overtime programmers have come out with a way to communicate with the computer by means of what called programming languages, which are something nearer to the computer’s machine language.

They came up with two types of programming languages, High-level and Low-evel languages.

Low-level programming language

Low level programming languages where the first to be used they were almost like that of machine language but were a little bit understandable by humans.

Tell you the truth, low-level languages are quite difficult but are also very powerful languages to learn. Low-level languages include Assembly languages such as intel×86 assembler and IBM 360 assembler.

High-level programming language

High level languages are usually more understandable by humans and are basically what we use nowadays. They use words and characters which anybody with a common sense could translate unlike that of low-level which are basically 1s and 0s. (who does that)

Examples of high-level languages include java,c++ and python.

There you have it, if you have any questions, complaint or suggestions don’t hesitate to hit us in the comment session. And also don’t forget to continue on the next tutorial⏩

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