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Here is Everything You Need to Know About The owner of the Hate-filled site, 8chan

Jim Watkins is his name and he is the owner of the hate-filled, bottom-licking and notorious site that deceives itself of free speech8chan.”

The “serial entrepreneur” as Jim Watkins likes to call himself, lives in the Philippines with his family. Before the birth of 8chan, Jim Watkins was in the U.S. army where he spent 20 years before learning about computers and the internet.

8chan a guide2138443504 - Here is Everything You Need to Know About The owner of the Hate-filled site, 8chan

But however, 8chan was not his first startup. His first startup was a porn-site (yes a porn site) which he claimed was aimed towards skirting Japanese censorship law.(So much for an excuse)

He quit the military in the year 1998 to put all his focus on his so-called “internet business.” But then business was booming and Jim Watkins decided to move to the Philippines with his family where he operated a pig farm.

Now he runs a company called NT Technologies. The company operates a couple of websites like The Goldwater, Audio.books and his popular and recent one, 8chan


Jim Watkins took control of 8chan in 2014 when the official owner Frederick Brennan, cancelled everything that connected him with the site. Fredrick Brennan and Jim Watkins worked together on the site with Fredrick handling the techs and Watkins handling the logistics.

Fredrick Brennan denounced his membership to the site after multiple mass shooting incidents were found to be connected with the site, 8chan.

Even after the recent incident that involved a man shooting and killing over 20 people in a mall in El Paso after posting a manifesto on the site, 8chan.

Fredrick Brennan responded during an interview session with The Washington post, saying “Do the world a favor and shut the site down.”(Well spoken young grasshopper)

Although we are starting to see some firms take drastic actions like security platform Cloudfare, ditching 8chan leaving them open and vulnerable to attacks.

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