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Here is a simple trick to shutdown all the computers on your school network

So I’m showing you this not for you to carry out any form of malicious act or unbenevolence but for educational and purposes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to trick your friends into thinking that you’re some sort of hacker.

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So to carry out this hack we’re gonna be using the command prompt (cmd) which unfortunately is usually blocked on most schools computers, for security reasons.

But I’m also gonna be showing you how to bypass that.

To open your command prompt, simply click the Windows button and type cmd which should then open the cmd Window. But if it blocked on your school’s computer then simply open “notepad” (which, of course will not be blocked), then in your notepad type in this words;

echo on


echo off

After typing that, save the file with whatever name you want but with a .bat extension. Example myfile.bat

Once that is done, open the file from your desktop and it should open as a cmd. Ok so now we’ve got the CMD back up and running let do some hacking.

So in your cmd simply type in these command, shutdown – i or shutdown/i for some other computers. A window should pop-up with some options, now what you’re gonna do is this.

In the pop-up menu make sure the “warn users of action” box is unchecked and in the comment section you can write whatever you want to be displayed before the shutdown. Then click the add button to add computers connected to your network and change what you want the computer to do to shutdown.

Click ok and then sit back, relax and watch the fun unfold. If you encounter any problems don’t hesitate to let us know down in the comment section below.

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