mark zuckerberg facebook - Here are the Top 5 highest-paid CEOs of 2018.
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Here are the Top 5 highest-paid CEOs of 2018.

So when we talk about money and top earners, we seem to ignore this “top dogs” rather we focus on musicians and some other business men or women. While these dudes are the top earners in the world, they seem to not even care about the glory and attention rather the glory and attention comes to them.😎👑

So let cut the long story short and get down right into it, here are the top 5 highest-paid CEOs of 2018.

5. Michael Dell

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I guess that name rings a bell right. Well Michael dell is the CEO and founder of Dell computers. Michael founded and began making some cool cash at the age of just 19 and have grown the company to be one of the biggest IT companies in the world and he is currently worth $48.8 billion. He managed to make our number 5.👍

4. Larry page

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Yap that right, the 45 year old is the brain behind that search engine called Google which have saved our lives in so many times than we can count. I doubt if there is any one who can proudly say that they have never used Google in thier live. It also happens to be lots of students best friend(if you’re a student you know what i mean).😆✌

3. Charles Koch

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Although this name might not be as conversant and popular as the others but the 82 year old American is the CEO and founder of koch industries. It a research inc. Company that carries out and also support lots of scientific research around the world. Charles has been into the scientific research business for a while now and has been reported to have funded lots of tink tanks like Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute.


2. Mark zuckerberg

mark zuckerberg facebook408450966 - Here are the Top 5 highest-paid CEOs of 2018.

This young dude does not need any formal intro because I’m guessing that you reading this post right now knows who he is. But for clarity he is the reason why you are able to chat and carry out whatever transaction you do on Facebook, he’s also the reason you’re able to take a selfie and post it on instagram, and for those who use whatsapp, you should be thanking him too. Mark founded the social media platform facebook when he was in college in his dorm room and that little project had turned out to be the largest social platform on earth right now, that not all, he is also the owner of instagram and whatsapp amongst others. As at right now i can say he kinda controls some certain percent of our lives with his platforms.👏💸💰

1. Jeff bezos

220px jeff bezos at amazon spheres grand opening in seattle   2018 39074799225 cropped599370364 - Here are the Top 5 highest-paid CEOs of 2018.

And now it time to announce the man who runs the world, the man who is the CEO amongst other CEOs💵, it none other than the amazing jeff bezos, founded and CEO of the world largest online store Amazon💲. The 54 year old began his company selling books online in this garage in Seattle.💰💶 Now he is named the richest dude in the world with a net woth of $151 billion. He is reported to be making around $200,000 in just one minute.😱😵😲

Let us know what you think abou this list, is there someone who is supposed to be on the list but is not? Let us know down in the comment section.

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