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Google’s New Voice Recorder App Is Out Of This World

Google has done it again, this time it a very cool Recorder that transcribes your voice into text. You can literally see the text form as you speak.

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After experiencing this app, I can assure you that you won’t want to go back to your former Recorder. What makes this app different from the rest is it transcribing feature.

The app writes everything it hears in real-time and guess what? You don’t even need an internet connection for this to work.(pretty cool right)

Well for non Google pixel users i would recommend you don’t get your hopes up as the Recorder app is only available to Pixel phone users. But that just for the time being, I’m sure the app would be available to other phones in the nearest future.

If you’ve been following Google releases then you should know that Google always use it Pixel phones to test new features before releasing it to a wider audience.

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