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Google’s New “Hum to search” Feature Can Figure Out That Song Stuck In Your Head

Google just moved a step ahead of Siri with this new feature called the “Hum to search”.

It does what the name says, it lets users search for that song stuck in their head by simply humming or whistling the song or tune for 10 – 15 seconds. (Finally, now we don’t have to keep all those lyrics in our head)

“Hum to search” solves our problems

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The “hum to search” feature is available in 20 different languages and counting. Now all those songs you have stuck in your head but don’t know any of the words can finally be found.

The “hum to search” was launched officially today for both Android and iOS users, you can also sing or whistle directly into your mic to find a song.

Now for the tech enthusiasts who might be wondering how the whole thing works and stuff? Let me break it down for you!

So first the user has to hum or whistle a song into the mic for 10 – 15 seconds, after which Google takes that and turns it into a number-based sequence.


Now that number sequence is what’s been used to loop through a massive database of humans singing, humming, whistling, and even audio recordings.

It doesn’t end there, the technology also goes further as to removing any background noises accompanying the sound.

In 2017 Google launched its music recognizing AI along with it Pixel 2, but then it was still kinda in it beta stage.

You don’t have to be good singer to find songs as the results are completely based on the tune. All you have to do is ask “what song was that” after humming and select the one from the results that bests matches your submission.

The feature is also available on the Google Assistant app.

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