Google Maps AR 1024 - Google rolls out "Google maps with AR" to some test users.

Google rolls out “Google maps with AR” to some test users.

“Commence forth all ye faithful google map users for your supreme overload is about to make your experience more awesome.”

So we have all experienced augmented reality(AR) in one way or the other either in games (remember pokemon go) or in some professional glasses. But google is about to take that to a whole new level with it new google maps but with AR.

google maps ar 1024 837287949 - Google rolls out "Google maps with AR" to some test users.

Google announced the feature at its I/O developer conference in May 2018. Now, the company’s finally released a trial version to selected testers. It works in a very simple way, when you login to the google maps you would now see a”start AR” button, after that the user would asked to look around with their phones and walk to specific landmarks and then use AR to help navigate, by layering AR arrows and a map in front of what your phone’s camera sees. It can also point out places of interest, like landmarks and restaurants(it more fun when you get to use it hands on) but not as much fun as chasing pokemon in pokemon go.


google maps ar feature 500952358 - Google rolls out "Google maps with AR" to some test users.

I guess google are gonna be the first to implement such tech and if it turns out well i just cant imagine how fun it will be to walk around a place i dont know with my phone literally just guiding me.
Google hasn’t announced a release date for the feature’s debut to the general public yet but we will let you know as soon as it out.

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