bolo1 - Google introduces educational app Bolo to improve children’s literacy in India.

Google introduces educational app Bolo to improve children’s literacy in India.

So Google today just announced a new language-learning app for kids called Bolo. The app is meant mainly for elementary school kids, it makes use of some of the company’s features like Google’s speech recognition and text-to-speech to help kids learn to read in both Hindi and English. the app comes with a sort of reading buddy called “Diya”, what Diya does is to encourage the kids and also correct them when reading. As kids read, Diya can listen and respond with feedback.


(Google notes all personal information remains on-device to protect kids’ privacy.) Diya can also read the text to the child and explain the meaning of English words. As children progress in the app, they’ll be presented with word games that win them in-app rewards and badges to motivate them.

The app also works offline which makes it even much more better for the Indian market because India is a place where access to internet is very difficult, Bolo can be used by multiple children, as well, and will adjust itself to their own reading levels.


it is reported  that Google has been trailing Bolo in 200 villages in India, During it test run, it found that 64 percent of children who used the app showed an improvement in reading proficiency in three months’ time. Google reported giving the app to 920 kids and also 600 were in a control group without the app. As we all know India kinda have the largest number of illiterates  in the world, Already Google has shipped a number of applications designed specifically for Indian internet users, like data-friendly versions of YouTube, Search and other popular services, like payments app Tez (now rebranded Google Pay), a food delivery service, a neighborhood and communities networking app, a blogging app and more.


The Bolo app is now available on playstore in India and works on Android smartphones running Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) and higher. The app is also currently optimized for native Hindi speakers.


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