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Google ends forced arbitration for employees.

So Google is said to be ending it forced arbitration for employees and this is said to take effect by march 21. For the contractors Google works with directly, it will remove mandatory arbitration from their contracts. The caveat, however, is that it won’t require outside firms that employ contractors to do the same.

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Still, Google says it will notify suppliers so that they can see if that approach would work for them.
This is a direct response to a group of outspoken Google employees protesting the company’s arbitration practices. Last month, a group of Google employees took to Twitter and Instagram in an attempt to educate the public about forced arbitration.

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That came about one month after this same group of 35 employees

banded together to demand Google end forced arbitration as it relates to any case of discrimination. The group also called on other tech workers to join them. As we all know forced arbitration is used to ensure that workplace disputes are settled behind closed doors and also denies the right of appeal, this prevents employees from suing companies.

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Since getting rid of forced arbitration for cases relating to sexual harassment and assault, Google said it has been exploring the issue and ultimately decided on implementing a blanket change.

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