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Galaxy Book Pro 360 Review

If you’re a Galaxy die-Hard fan like some of us then you’re sure gonna be enjoying this read. On first site it looks like your average convertible 2in1 laptop, but the Galaxy Book Pros are the first outcome of the masterpiece involving Samsung and Intel.

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Galaxy Book Pro 360

Battery life is insane on this beast and it comes in this very thin, light, and minimalistic look with great performance that allows you get up and running in less than no time. Of all the four models, the 15-inch Pro 360 is the biggest and most expensive of them all and that for quite some reasons.

So the starting price is $1,300 or £1,099. Now if you put into consideration the features it comes packed with, I’ll say the price is on par with other premium 2in1s. What I’ll say is very impressive about the Galaxy Book Pro 360 is how slim it is for a 2in1 laptop. I mean even when it folded back into tablet form, it still remains very thin.

Now I’ll say the Galaxy Book Pro was built for people who wants that laptop feel but in a phone experience. What i mean this, for people who wants that instant unlocking, responsiveness, long battery life, insane performance and always connected feel, this is the laptop for you.

With the Galaxy Book Pro you get to enjoy some very interesting perks like you can easily lift the lid and get up running in seconds. It also comes with a fingerprint sensor to unlock.

The laptop/Tablet also comes with the Samsung Flow app preinstalled which is kinda like your phone being paired with the file-sharing feature of Quick Share.


If you ask me, I’ll say Samsung, Intel, and Microsoft are trying to achieve that same unified experience among all their gadgets just like Apple.

It doesn’t end there, you also get to play around with some other cool features like Smart Switch for moving apps, SmartThings app which enables you sync and control your Samsung connected devices, and even Quick Search which helps you find files easily on your Pro 360.

To cut the long story short, if you’re a super fan or someone who has maybe the Galaxy buds, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Watch or other Samsung SmartThings devices, then your best bet on laptop would be the Galaxy Book Pro.

Now let talk some specs guys; The $1,500 version of the Galaxy Book Pro comes with an 11th-Gen core i7, 1TB SSD, and a whopping 16GB of memory. The battery is capable of lasting 20 hours while streaming a video.

It also comes with a full-size S-Pen that very comforting when drawing or writing. There’s also this feature that lets you block touch input when using the pen.

One of the downside for me was the 720p webcam, I mean it a high end laptop…you could have at least topped that industry standard. But that aside, they didn’t disappoint when it comes to their mic and incredible speakers. A Thunderbolt 4 USB-C port, c combo audio jack, microSD card slot, and 2 regular USB-C ports.

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