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Fun facts about the World Wide Web you never knew

Well as we all know and probably for those who don’t know, the world wide web which we all make use of today was introduced to the world in the year 1989 as an Experiment by Tim Berners Lee.

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Then, the world wide web was just a little idea that Tim Berners lee wanted to try out, he or rather the world never knew it was gonna turn out to be the thing that forms kinda the basis of human life right now. Because if the web should go down today, i can assure you that the world is gonna go down with it.

So as we celebrate the webversary of the internet, here are some sweet and mind blowing facts you should know about;

1. The Name

Yap that right, I’m guessing most of you never knew that the world wide web was not the first name used for the Tim Berners project.

Well actually it was reported that Tim wanted to go with “Information Mesh”(ThankGod he didn’t) but later gave it a second thought before finally deciding to go with the world wide web.

2. Is the World Wide Web and the internet actually different

Well the answer to that is yes. Most people often confuse these two as being the same thing, well just know it from today that they’re not.


The internet is simply just a network or rather the largest network in the world that connects almost all the computers around the world.
While the world wide web is just a collection of text documents,pictures,videos and every other thing searchable on Google. The internet is a much bigger entity than the web.

3. First email ever sent online

The first email ever sent on the internet was in the year 1971, that like about ten years after the launch of the world wide web.

The email was sent by Ray Tomlinson who wanted to test if the program actually works. He sent the email to a computer next to him over a network called ARPANET.

4. First picture ever posted on the web

The first photo to be uploaded on the web was that of a girl band called the Les Horribles Cernettes and it was uploaded in the year 1990.

5. Which nation uses the world wide web the most

Well i think that would go to America. According to reports more than 2.5 billion people uses the web everyday and out of that, the United States make up a whooping 78%.

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