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Fun facts about Reddit

So as we may all know Reddit has been around for quite a while now since 2005, but yet there are some pesky little fun facts users don’t know about the platform.

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Here are some fun facts about Reddit you never knew.

1. Dear fellow Geeks letter

Well sometime in the year 2013 due to the amount of sexual languages and words used on the platform, Founder Alexis Ohanian wrote a letter to his employees to warn them to reduce the amount of sexual language used on Reddit. But here is the catch, guess what the title of the letter was? It reads “Dear fellow Geeks”, yap that right, i mean like who does that.

2. The logo

So have you ever been stuck in the riddle that goes “The chicken or the egg, which comes out first”(although I’m still trying to figure that out) well that almost the case with Reddit.


A lot of people have been asking which came first, the Name or the Logo? Well according to reports by Reddit they say that the snoo logo came first. The logo they say is just a drawing by Alexis Ohanian, which he drew while still in the university.

3. Fake Accounts

So Reddit was reported to have been creating fake accounts in it beginning to promote the platform. But they were not alone as users have also been reported to have more than one account.

Remember Unidan, the popular science write on Reddit. Well guess what when he was about to reach the level of a celebrity with his 5 fake Reddit accounts, he was caught and all his accounts were cancelled.

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