Former munchery employees sue company, blaming CEO for it shutdown.

So it no new news that munchery the san francisco startup that delivered prepared meals was shutdown last week laying off 250 employees.

screen shot 2019 01 28 at 4 1935833692 - Former munchery employees sue company, blaming CEO for it shutdown.

one of the employees has filed a class action lawsuit against his former employer, in a legal complaint filed in US District Court, lawyers on behalf of ex-Munchery courier Joshua James Eaton Philips argue that the company violated the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, known as the WARN act, which states that companies of more than 100 employees must give them 60-day notices before mass layoffs. Gail Lin Chung, an attorney at the Law firm Outten & Golden, which filed the complaint said losing a job is really painful but losing a job without any sort of early notice is tramatic and that what the WARN act was designed for, to help them atleast find an alternative before being laid off When Munchery closed, many heard the news through word of mouth or from the media. The lawsuit seeks 60 days of unpaid wages for the employees, plus commissions, bonuses, holiday pay accrued, and more.

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