bjarke ingels BIG floating city oceanix designboom 600 - First it was flying cars now it Floating cities - fantasy or the future.
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First it was flying cars now it Floating cities – fantasy or the future.

So one UNHabitat, a UN partnered organization that works on sustainable urban development are teaming up with private firm from MIT and Explorers club Oceanix, which are a professional society that promotes scientific exploration around the world.

bjarke ingels big floating city oceanix designboom 600 433952870 - First it was flying cars now it Floating cities - fantasy or the future.UN-Habitat’s executive director, Maimunah Mohd Sharif, said that As climate change advances at an alarming rate and huge numbers of people cram into city slums, “floating cities is one of the possible solutions.”

The new Oceanix city which is gonna be the world’s first ever self sustainable city, is gonna be a hexagonal platforms which are anchored to the seabed and can hold up to 300 people, effectively creating a habitat for 10,000 residents.

In an exclusive BBC interview session with the chief executive of Oceanix Marc Collins Chen, he said “the technology to build large floating infrastructure or housing already exists. The biggest question in people’s minds is if these cities can actually float, There are thousands of such houses in the Netherlands and other communities around the world. It is now a question of scale and creating integrated systems and communities.”

Some concerns have been raised about the impact it gonna be having on the sea life and also the waste from these floating structures could pose some serious danger to the fishes, and also we haven’t even talked about the effect or case scenario of a natural disaster.
But Mr Collins Chen said Oceanix was working with a “solid team” of experts in waste management, water engineering, marine regeneration and energy efficiency.

(👈well let believe that).

They also claim the floating cities could withstand floods and hurricanes, Mr Collins also added that “Floating cities will be located specifically in sites where they will have sufficient water depth to not be impacted by tsunamis.”

They say their only drawback right now is tge fact that people get nervous and scared when they hear the term floating city (well though… why won’t i be scared).

oceanix city floating big un habitat mit dezeen hero 852x480877814866 - First it was flying cars now it Floating cities - fantasy or the future.To gain the confidence of the general masses and politicians, Mr Wiese said the creation of small extensions to existing cities could be necessary to start with, picking out Hong Kong, New York or Boston as potential testing grounds.

But come to think of it, imagine a case where maybe a disaster struck and there are lots of people injured and they need immediate medical attention, what do you do then? Well here is what you do, a floating hospital could just be towed to the disaster point and carry out their medical operations.

Mr Collins said he and his team only lack funding right mow and pitching this idea to investors is gonna be a “doomsday bunker scenario”.(of course)

Right now the whole plan is still on blueprint waiting for funding and support and they’re good to go. 👌

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