btfb20190807 - Facebook Sues app Developers for publishing malware-infected apps

Facebook Sues app Developers for publishing malware-infected apps

So it pretty obvious that Facebook is giving all corrupt app developers a run for their money as they recently filed a lawsuit against two app.

facebook new e1565170613380249861092 - Facebook Sues app Developers for publishing malware-infected apps

The two apps were reported to have been using some sort of malware to engage in “click injection fraud.” Click injection fraud is simply when a developer or hacker uses malicious code (malware) to fake ad clicks and make money from ignorant users who download the app.(really smart move)

The two Android apps which are “power clean”(antivirus-app) and “calculator plus” (calculator app,though…) are reported to have been installed over a million times.

How much these two apps have made from their fake ad click is still unknown but according to reports, the calculator app has generated over 40 million ad impressions with over 17 million clicks.😨


This ad fraud has been around for quite a while now but the social media company Facebook is starting to take it very seriously by tracking those performing the act. Recall sometime ago Facebook also sued a Korean app developer and claimed the developer refused to cooperate with it investigations.

According to Facebook, they are aiming to stop the app abuse by developers and also the abuse of their advertising products.

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