619878 facebook portal and portal 29 - Facebook Portal To Be Stress-Tested by Hackers

Facebook Portal To Be Stress-Tested by Hackers

So as we all know Pwn2Own is one of the biggest hacking contest in the world where security researchers and hackers come together to see if they could find vulnerabilities in consumer electronics and gadgets.

Major tech companies usually allow hackers or sometimes even pay them to try and see if they could hack their products or find loop holes in their system.

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If you could recall sometime this year Tesla actually entered it Model 3 sedan into the contest and a pair of researchers nabbed themselves a whooping $375,000 and also the Tesla car which they hacked.(now that cool cash)

The researchers actually found a huge memory randomization bug in the web browser of Tesla car’s infotainment system.


But this time Facebook is putting it debut hardware device, the Facebook Portal into the competition and hackers capable of hacking the Portal could bag themselves up to $60,000 in prize money.

Facebook ain’t the only ones putting their tech to the test, Amazon Echo show 5, Amazon cloud cam and even the Google Nest Hub Max are all gonna be put in the hands of hackers.😆😎

The event which is said to hold on November 6-7 in Tokyo is expected to be dishing out as much as $750,000 in prize money.

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