Facebook ignored kids reckless spending – internal documents reveal.

A file of internal documents revealed that facebook was aware about kids spending too much on in-app purchases without their parents permission but chose to act unaware.

It was said that they chose to choose not to act or implement safety policied as it might affect the revenue from people playing games.

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While Facebook did not develop the games in question, payments were made through its system which, at the time, did not have additional measures in place that required parents to re-verify card use if a child was spending more money. Facebook took a 30% cut of payments, with the rest going to the game’s developer.
Facebook considered changing its system so that users under 17 (and over 90) who tried to make transactions worth over $75 would have to enter the first six digits of the payment card on file, in order to prove they were in possession of it, or could at least remember it.

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