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Facebook Finally Add A “Clear History” Button

Recall sometime in 2018 when Facebook said it would allow users now delete their browsing history which they used in delivering personalized ads? Well we might just be seeing that update sooner than expected.

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Facebook makes another claim

On Tuesday the feature was finally made available to the general public as option called “Off-Facebook Activity.” Although the feature has been available to countries like South Korea and Ireland since August, it was made public on Tuesday.

The feature could be found in the settings menu on the Facebook mobile app right now. From there you can manage a lot of other activities like you could get the list of all the website and apps Facebook keep track of even when you’re not using Facebook.

I know it kinda wierd that Facebook keeps track of your other activities even when you’re not using the platform right? But that how they manage to bring you all those personalized feeds and people you might know.

But now you can clear all those data they’ve been collecting by simply clicking the “Clear History” button and whoosh! It all disappears. By the way be warned that if you do this you are gonna be logged out of every services you use Facebook to login.

You can login again later though but Facebook would begin collecting the data again from them. There is also a way you could completely stop them from collecting these data, and that another option in the “Manage Future Activity’ section.


Once you disable data collection your ads are not gonna be so much personalized anymore.

Well this does not mean that after doing this you are out of Facebook’s radar, no it just means you’re merely disconnected.

Your data is still saved in their database which makes the whole thing kinda pointless though. For me the only way to stop them from collecting your data is to delete the app completely.

There’s also one major catch to this: The data is merely “disconnected” from your account, rather than fully deleted from Facebook’s servers. At least, that’s what Facebook said in August.
Even if it’s not a perfect solution to Facebook’s intensely creepy and unnecessary data collection practices, it’s at least nice to have some transparency about what the service knows about you. You might be better off deleting Facebook entirely , but if not, you should consider uncoupling your browsing habits from its clutches.

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