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Facebook Apologizes For Calling Chinese President A Shithole

Facebook has apologized for it rather awkward and embarrassing incident where they translated Chinese president’s name “Xi Jinping” as “Mr Shithole.”😅

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President Xi Jinping called Mr shithole on facebook

Yes that right, President Xi Jinping was in Myanmar recently where he met with state counselor Aung San Suu Kyi to finalize an agreement involving infrastructural development that backed by China.

And as you would expect, a post about the visit was published on the official Facebook page of Suu Kyi which meant there was gonna be a lot of reference to Xi Jinping or rather “Mr Shithole” when translated to English. (Mehn that is so embarrassing)

Just so you know what we’re really talking about here, a local news site in it post wrote “Dinner honours president shithole.”(I know like, what the heck)


Although Facebook has come out to apologize saying it was a technical glitch in it translation system that translates Burmese to English.

But at the same time, Google also translated the post to English and didn’t have that technical glitch. (I smell something fishy here)

According to Facebook “This should not have happened and we are taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We sincerely apologize for the offense this has caused.”😄

According to Facebook, the main reason why the error occurred only on it platform was because it system did not have president Xi Jinping’s name on it Burmese database.

But after a couple of tests, it was found out that the Facebook system translated words that starts with “Xi” and “Shi” in Burmese to “shithole” in English.

We can only imagine what this is gonna cause Facebook in China because recently Facebook reported they were increasing the resources of it Chinese advertising business.

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