504331 - Facebook acquires retail computer vision outfit GrokStyle

Facebook acquires retail computer vision outfit GrokStyle

So facebook has just picked Grokstyle the company that responsible for helping you find whatever you like online. This is how Grokstyle works, let say you see a table or a lamp you like all you need do is take a pic of it and search for it online through Grokstyle, and now the company has been snatched up by Facebook to augments its own growing computer vision department.

intro image c2058695021 - Facebook acquires retail computer vision outfit GrokStyle

The aquisition seems promising for facebook at the moment because they(faceboook) are investing heavily on computer vision and AI at the moment and are also investing in their new marketplace and using the camera as an interface for it fits right into the company’s philosophy. Just picture how awesome it will be for you to see a furniture you like at a hotel then you pull up the Facebook camera app, point it at the table and see who’s selling( life made easy). No info yet about the amount involved in the aquisition but we will keep you updated about anything that comes up.

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