Mark Zuckerberg FaceApp 01 2 - FaceApp: Is it just your average mobile app or is there more to it that users don't know.
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FaceApp: Is it just your average mobile app or is there more to it that users don’t know.

So I’m guessing most of us must have heard or even used the trending FaceApp, which is simply an app that can transform a picture of someone to see what they look like when older or younger.
Well for those who don’t know, FaceApp has been around for quite a while, remember sometime in 2017 when the app made headlines with it ethnicity filter(Good memories😏).

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What it does is that it takes a picture of a person’s face and transforms it into another ethnicity. But as expected, it sparked a buzz on social media which then led to the filter’s termination.😢
The app does all this face transformation with the help an Artificial intelligence (AI), with it algorithm the app is capable of transforming a sad face into a smiley face☺.
But recently concerns have been raised after Joshua Nozzi, an app developer tweeted that FaceApp was collecting photos of it users without their permission.😨
But FaceApp responded by saying that they never did any such thing and that the only photo they upload are those submitted by the users themselves.
Another question was thrown at them (FaceApp), when asked why they even needed to upload the photos to the cloud when the editing can be done there and then on the local smartphone? (Hmm…good question😞).
FaceApp chief executive,
Yaroslav Goncharov responded by saying that the reason why they needed to upload the photos to a server was for faster and easier transformation plus the fact that if it were to be done locally on the user’s smartphone, the app’s algorithm could easily be stolen.
He also went on to say that FaceApp servers are located in U.S. but the company is a Russian company.
Steven Murdoch from the university college London agreed to that, saying that if it were to be processed on the user’s smartphone it would also be slower and it would drain a lot of the phone’s resources.📱
Mr murdoch added that even if FaceApp used the user’s faces for something else, they could not be sued for it because it was added in their privacy policy that they could do whatever they want with the users photos, but they only put that there just in case something like this ever comes up. (Now

that smart)😎
FaceApp also claims that every users data is been deleted 48 hours after upload.
With all that said and done do you still believe they don’t steal users data. Let us know what you think.
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