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Exposed: Apple sends audio recordings of Siri to human contractors

So has Apple joined the bandwagon of companies who uses their customers data for things not included in there privacy policy?.
Well that was the case when a whistleblower told the Guardian that Apple shared the audio recordings of it users with contractors to verify some siri queries that are not well understood by their machine.

Exposed: Apple sends audio recordings of Siri to human contractors | Alexa, Amazing, apple, audio, contractors, Google, recordings, siri


Think that does not sound prying to you at all? Well the recording which are shared with contractors included some personal info or data like the user location and the user’s data stored on the app.😨
But just as you would expect, Apple in their defense said that they actually had humans workers who are in a secured facility helping to make the service more seamless by collecting and analyzing some of the recordings. And this was never stated in any way until now that they have been forced to.
These companies have become fund of using and sharing users data without their consent. Take for example Google, it was just until last month that it was found that Google actually also sent clips to human contractors for analyzing just as Apple does with siri.😲
Also the big dog, Amazon has also been reported to retain all the recordings made on alexa.😭
We are still waiting on Apple to comment on the situation.

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