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Everything you need to know about a computer virus

What is a computer virus

A computer virus in simple terms is a program meant to destroy and corrupt your computer files and negatively alter the performance of your computer.

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A computer virus could be distributed in many different ways such as downloading it from the internet,through text messages and the most popular, via email.

Once you open an attachment or an email message containing a virus, you grant it access to your entire computer, that why it always advisable not to open every email you receive especially when you don’t know who’s from.

A computer virus operates in two ways, the first type is the one where the virus on getting to the computer multiplies itself. While the second type of virus usually waits for some sort of activation to begin it corruption.


But of recent, hackers have begin developing sophisticated or rather dynamic viruses which are very deadly because their code changes as it spread.😮😱

It also always advisable to have a very good and powerful antivirus program on your computer to protect you against most of this malware.

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A good antivirus program is capable of blocking malicious codes and viruses from entering your computer, and they even warn you of malicious programs when downloading media files from the internet.

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