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Elon Musk Beats Jeff Bezos To Become No. 1 World’s Richest Man

Tesla and Space Boss, Elon Musk just did a slam dunk on Jeff Bezos to become the world’s richest man on Thursday.(I saw this coming)

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Elon Musk Throws Bezos To No.2

He overtook the Amazon Boss, Jeff Bezos who has held the No.1 spot since 2017.

As we all know, Tesla has been experiencing some very huge surge in it value since late 2020, and on Wednesday the electric car company even hit a market value of $700 billion.✨

Now just to put this perspective, Tesla right now is worth more than General Motors, Toyota, Ford and even Volkswagen all combined.(Did you get that, emphasis on “combined”)💵

A pinned tweet on his Twitter feed kinda explains what he thinks about all his wealth. The tweet reads “About half my money is intended to help problems on Earth, and half to help establish a self-sustaining city on Mars to ensure continuation of life (of all species) in case Earth gets hit by a meteor like the dinosaurs or WW3 happens and we destroy ourselves.”

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Jeff Bezos on the other hand has also been experiencing a rise in wealth as Amazon also benefited from the Corona virus pandemic. Demand for their online store and cloud services went up a huge amount.

Also another reason for the overtake can be said to be due to the 4% stake Bezos gave to his ex-wife, Mackenzie Scott after their separation. (Musk owes Mackenzie a huge thank you)

Tesla stocks has been heading for the skies in previous years with it even increasing about seven times it previous valuation.🤑

Now what still surprises us all is the fact that Tesla manage to rise to this point in just 12 months.🧐

Now we’ll just have to sit and watch if Elon Musk could maintain this spot or if it just a matter of time before Jeff Bezos regains his throne.🤴

But for now, all hail the richest man on planet Earth. (The electrified Musk) 🙇

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