apollo traveller power bank - Elecjet Apollo Max Review: The World's Fastest Charging Power-Pack

Elecjet Apollo Max Review: The World’s Fastest Charging Power-Pack

The Apollo Max Elecjet is the world’s fastest charging power pack available right now, the hardware takes just nine minutes to fully charge the 10,000 mAh pack.

The Elecjet comes with an in-out type-c port for charging, and of course a USB cord. Now get this, the power pack gives out a whooping 60 watts of juice which is about 3x what the typical iPhone 11 charger gives.

It doesn’t end there, the power pack also recharges at 100 watts (that

just crazy). To supply all those power, there has to be a huge power brick, and that where the Elecjet massive power brick comes in.

The power brick can also be used to charge a laptop and all this of course would come at a premium price. It comes at a price tag of $140 for the pro version and around $130 for the regular version.

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