Drake 630 354 s c1 - Drake invests in esports betting startup Players’ Lounge.
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Drake invests in esports betting startup Players’ Lounge.

So guess what, rap superstar Drake, is going into collaboration but not with lil wayne or Kendrick Lamar, instead he’s going into collaboration with some silicon valley investors which include the likes of Strauss Zelnick, Comcast, Macro Ventures, Canaan, RRE, Courtside and Marissa Mayer.

webp519607576 - Drake invests in esports betting startup Players’ Lounge.

They are coming together to fund esport startup player’s lounge which helps prayers play themselves in their favourite titles with some wagers on the line.

The startup has just announced that it closed $3 million in funding. The company, which has been around for five years, got its start as an esports startup looking to organize real-life matches at bars in New York City to play FIFA. That’s obviously not the most scalable business of all time, but last year after joining Y Combinator, the company really dove into a new model that looked to create an online hub for gamers to battle each other in titles of their choosing, with money on the line.


drake 630 354 s c1 1085993788 - Drake invests in esports betting startup Players’ Lounge.

The esports company is placing emphasis on titles like FIFA 19, NBA 2K19 and Madden 19. There are also others like the incredible fortnite, super smash Bros and even Apex Legends🏁

Players are capable of hosting or joining games, they can even enter a 500-person tournament😮😆The wagers are often a buck or two but can swell much higher. Players’ Lounge takes 10 percent of the bets as a fee. Because it’s a game of skill, not chance, there aren’t many issues with gambling regulations, though a few states still don’t allow the service, the company says.

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