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Do you know that you have been training the AIs of large companies without even knowing

So we’ve all come across those apps or platforms where you get paid to either write out a blurry text or answer some questions, some very typical examples include Amazon’s mturk and Google’s captcha.

images 3 1481478931. - Do you know that you have been training the AIs of large companies without even knowing

Yes that right, the Amazon’s mturk pays users to simply do tasks like write out the prices on a picture of a parking meter.

So i guess most of us never asks why we do but it not solely for the purpose of the little cash you get paid but rather they are using us to train their AI machines.

So here is something i like to call “AI 101″. So for an AI to be able to Carry out some very simple tasks like read a text or recognize an image, the AI is gonna have to learn this, which is the part of AI called “machine learning.”

For the AI to be able to do that task it has to study or learn from someone doing it multiple times so it can take all those data input of those multiple users and relate them together to know what it should aim or look for in such kind of image.

So whenever we are being asked to like write out the numbers or prices on a ticket we are simply training the AI machines of that company.


For example the Captcha test you usually carry out to verify you’re not a robot is not actually what it said to be. (Seriously think about it)😂

According to reports the Google’s captcha is actually used to train the AI for their Waymo self driving car. Ever wondered why the captcha is always about road signs or stores close to the road where they’ll ask you to choose all the images with a traffic light or all the images with a zebra crossing. (Surprised ha)

Another example is when Google researchers wanted to build a depth sensing software and all they needed to do this was a moving camera taken from different angles in the midst of static objects.

And where did they get that? Remember that mannequin challenge involved people in static positions while someone with a camera walks past them.😮😆 well there you have it, Google got what they needed.

So next time you’re filling any of this just know it at the back of your mind that you’re helping train an AI.

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