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DirecTV Satellite Reported To Explode Due To Battery Failure

AT&T’s TV service DirecTV, is said to have just one month to withdraw it satellite from orbit or risk taking out all other satellites if it explodes.

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DirecTV Satellite soon to go boom

According DirecTV, their satellite which goes by the name Spaceway-1 is liable to go boom due to issues in it battery system.

In an FCC filing by DirecTV on the 19th of january, they said that a glitch caused “significant and irreversible thermal damage” to the batteries of the satellite.

They also confirmed that they changed the batteries and powered the satellite using it solar panels, but the spaceway-1 has been speculated to pass through the earth’s shadow in February.


The problem here now is that the satellite can only run on batteries when passing through the earth’s shadow, but the batteries have been damaged.

Their plan right now is to try and send the spaceway-1 to the “orbit-of-death” which is about 300km above geostationary orbit and is where satellites go to die.😨

In a statement by DirecTV, they said that “The risk of a catastrophic battery failure makes it urgent that Spaceway-1 be fully de-orbited and decommissioned prior to the February 25th start of eclipse season.”

Usually it standard procedure for every satellite to be dump their fuel before being put out of action, but DirecTV asked for some sort of pardon to decommission their satellite without dumping it fuel due to the lack of time.

SpaceNews has advised DirecTV users not to worry as they won’t be affected by the incident and that Spaceway-1 was just a backup satellite.

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