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Did Apple Really Say The iPhone 12 Costs $799?

Do you actual recall the price of the iPhone 12 as $799? Well if you were at the Apple Special Event earlier this week you’ll have noticed that was the price proclaimed by the fruit company.

iPhone 12 Costs more than $799

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During the event, Apple reportedly stated that the iPhone 12 can be gotten for $799 or “from $799” to be precise. Judging from that, one can logically tell that if the 64GB model costs $800 then higher models would cost more.

Well if you thought so, then I suppose you might wanna think again.

Now let me elaborate, the iPhone 12 is sold at $799 only if you’re buying it with a carrier plan. On the other hand, if you want an unlocked SIM-FREE one that you can migrate to any carrier you want, then you’re going to be paying a little bit more for that.

And when I say a little bit more, I mean $30

to be exact.

So if we were to put this in perspective, majority of us are going to be getting our phones from our carriers. And for those that are going to be buying from Apple, they’re are going to be attaching them to their existing carrier.

Although we might ‎all blame Apple for not making this very clear during the event but if you read the publication on their page very carefully, you would notice it was clearly stated there “Price includes a $30 AT&T or Verizon discount. Requires activation with carrier.” (More reasons why it very important to read the details or T&Cs)

For a company that prides itself of being transparent and privacy cautious, they should have really noted this during the event.

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