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Clearview AI CEO Comes Out To Defend His Company

CEO of the face recognition app Clearview AI, has come out on Tuesday to say that he has every right to scrape any image he wants from any website or platform like Facebook to help build their three billion photo database.

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Clearview: is it good or bad?

As we all know Clearview AI is been used by law enforcement agencies to quickly identify someone, I mean anyone at all.

Clearview gets all of it images from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Venmo and Instagram. Some agencies have even started questioning their authentication and one of this agencies is the New Jersey police force which ordered that their officers stop using the app for the meantime.


Twitter on the other hand have also issued the company a cease-and-desist asking that they stop scraping images from it platform and delete those it already took.😆

Ton-That who is the CEO of the company said in an interview session with CBS that “We’ve received a letter, and our legal counsel has reached out to them and are handling it accordingly. But there is also a first Amendment right to public information. So the way we have built our system is to only take publicly available information and index it that way.” (smart move)

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