vicis zero1 football helmet 1 640x551862439400 - Checkout this shape-shifting  helmet.

Checkout this shape-shifting helmet.

So this helmet called the VICS ZERO1 is not your average helmet, the beautiful thing about this monsters is that it morphs on impacat( ya that right it shape shifts),

Checkout this shape-shifting  helmet. |

tehe helmet has been around for a while though but i dont think people know about it yet. As a matter of fact the helmet was used by over 60 NFL players in 2k17 including players like Russell wilson and Alex smith.

Looking at it from the outside the ZERO1 looks just like your typical everyday hard helmet but when hit the ZERO1 “morphs” ( changes shape) to absorb more force from the blow.

Checkout this shape-shifting  helmet. |

Here is a little explanation on how it made. So lots of separate columns of padding inside the helmet,when pressure is applied, they deform and absorb the pressure. Multiple layers work together to slow impact forces. This keeps the head protected from multiple forces. The ZERO1 has a softer outer shell than a normal helmet. This slows impact forces before they reach the head and brain. ZERO1 also offers a wider field of view than traditional helmets.
The helmet was ranked no. 1 in the NFL/NFLPA 2017 helmet laboratory performance testing.

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