dims 3 - Checkout This Lenovo's Digital Photo Frame, It So Futuristic

Checkout This Lenovo’s Digital Photo Frame, It So Futuristic

I’m guessing most of us have a lot of photos on our phone that just takes up space and never get looked at, even though we want to, it would take us forever.

lenovo smart frame design image ces 2020 630x420 562735063 - Checkout This Lenovo's Digital Photo Frame, It So Futuristic

Well guess what, Lenovo has provided a solution to that by introducing a digital photo frame. It comes with some very great features that is sure to excite you and also tagged with a price of $400.

The photo frame comes with a 21.9-inch screen which is pretty large compared to others we’ve seen, and also it could be hung a wall just like your normal photo frame.


With the anti-glare coating present on the smart frame you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between the digital frame and a traditional art.

It doesn’t end there, there is also a 1,920 by 1,080 FHD resolution with an 85-degree viewing angle. The digital frame also adjusts the picture’s brightness in accordance with it surrounding.

You can swipe and go through photos using hand gestures by waving your hand from right to left, but you could also control the pictures using an app on your smartphone which is also how you upload the photos.

According to a Lenovo spokesperson, they have plans to add a collage feature that would automatically place multiple photos together in a single frame.

The digital frames also has a speaker and microphone integrated into it even though I don’t really see their use but they said it could be used to play short videos and the Mic could be used to connect to maybe Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s assistant (Then it just becomes a smart TV)

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