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Check Out Mark Zuckerberg’s $150 million Yacht – Ulysses

So back in 2017 Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg acquired a mega 107m yacht from Billionaire and New Zealand richest man, Graeme Hart for a price tagged at the range of $150$200 million.

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Here is everything you need to know about Mark Zuckerberg Yacht

The mega yacht comes with some very cool features like a 12m swimming pool or the huge Jacuzzi. The yacht also comes with a wine degustation area and just beside that is the insanely huge dinning area.

Just to put how expensive this yacht is in perspective, reports suggest that a square meter of the yacht’s interior costs a mind boggling €20,000.😱 The largest part of cabin on the Ulysses is of course the masters cabin. (Mark’s cabin👑)

The seablazer also comes with an incredible cinema room(where they could watch movies like”

the social network“😉) with as you would expect, a very good sound system.

Well i guess the Ulysses won’t be complete without a place for the billionaire to park his toys. The yacht also comes with a helipad that sits on top of the yacht and a garage that could accommodate anything from jetskis to Bentleys to paganis.

Although there have been a lot of controversies as at if the yacht was truly acquired by Mark Zuckerberg or not but wheather it Mark or Yuri Milner, one thing for sure is that the Ulysses is one heck of a yacht.

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