jack - CEO Of Twitter Jack Dorsey Arrives Nigeria

CEO Of Twitter Jack Dorsey Arrives Nigeria

CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, extended his gratitude to Nigerians for their warm welcome as he arrived the country on Thursday evening. He took to his Twitter handle where he tweeted “So grateful to be finally in Nigeria.”

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Jack dorsey shocking visit to Nigeria

Jack Dorsey is believed to have entered Nigeria alongside three other Twitter executives, and he is expected to spend the whole of November in Africa.

If you could recall back, sometime in October he made it clear that he was gonna be visiting four African countries in November, which included; Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and South Africa.

Headed to Africa for all o November! Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. Going to spend a lot of time with entrepreneurs, including @betelhem_dessie @noelkudo @GETNETASEFFW,

” he said in October.

Jack Dorsey also just announced that starting November 22, they were banning political global ads on Twitter due to a number of rising criticism from other politicians.

This is not the first time Nigeria is been graced by a tech billionaire, back in 2016 the country also welcomed the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg when he visited the andela team.

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