France has banned all children under 15 from using their phones in school.

So the ban passed by French President Emmanuel Macron in July is said to affect elementary and junior high schools across the country as they return from the summer break.


the law bans  the usage of any sort of electronic, be it smartphone, smartwatches or a Tablet in school. And yes i know the ban of cellphones during school hours has been implemented in 2010, but the new ban extends that to Break and meal time(wow, that harsh). They say schools are left with the decision to choose whether to implement this rule for students above 15.



Students would have to turn off their phones or put them in their lockers till after school, this law was implemented amidst fears that students were becoming too dependent on their phones. Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer in June hailed the legislation as “a law for the 21st century,” and said it would improve discipline among France’s 12 million schoolchildren, Agence France-Presse reported.


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