BMW makes interacting with your car’s AI system more natural.

So have you ever tried talking to an inanimate object(an AI), i know, it feels wierd right. Well BMW is trying to take the step in helping us interact more fluently with these things, they are combining data from its voice recognition systems with better AI tools, gesture control and even gaze recognition.

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Though this new system, dubbed BMW Natural Interaction, will launch in the 2021 BMW iNEXT electric SUV.

The company promises that this technology will allow for more intuitive interactions with the car’s systems. If you’re in a conversation, for example, you may want to use a gesture and gaze control to turn down the volume, open the sunroof or adjust air vents. But if you are driving down the autobahn at 220kmh, you may want to use your voice instead.

download126600883 - BMW makes interacting with your car's AI system more natural.
Christoph Grote, senior vice president, BMW Group said in a report People shouldn’t have to think about which operating strategy to use to get what they want,”They should always be able to decide freely — and the car should still understand them. BMW Natural Interaction is also an important step for the future of autonomous vehicles, when interior concepts will no longer be geared solely towards the driver’s position and occupants will have more freedom.”

I guess sooner than later we would be able to drive in our car and point at a hotel and say book a reservation and your car is gonna automatically do that for you.

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