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BMW Finally Agrees To Add Android Auto To It Vehicles

Starting July 2020, BMW is going to be implementing Android Auto into it vehicles joining Apple’s CarPlay. We are going to be seeing the first live demo of the Android Auto in a BMW car at the CES 2020 next month.

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Immediately after the CES 2020, the product will be available to drivers in 20 countries but as an update to vehicles that run the BMW OS 7.0.

If we recall back in 2017 Dieter May, who was then the senior VP for Digital Services and Business Model at BMW made it clear that the company has no plans and interest in ever supporting Android Auto.


May said that the company wanted to pay attention to their first-party apps so they could always have complete control of their in-car interface.

But since May left the company they have given the whole thing a second thought and Android Auto itself has since gone through some major upgrades ever since.

During an interview session today, Peter Herich who is the senior VP of product management at BMW said that “The Google Assistant on Android Auto makes it easy to get directions, keep in touch and stay productive. Many of our customers have pointed out the importance to them of having Android Auto inside a BMW for using a number of familiar Android smartphone features safely without being distracted from the road, in addition to BMW’s own functions and services.”

BMW have ever since said that they wanted to offer support for all major digital assistants available, as we saw them show some interest in Alexa, cortana, and the BMW Assistant.

It is pretty obvious that the only way to integrate Google Assistant is to work with the Android Auto.

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