Blue origin completes 10th test flight

The world richest man jeff bezos rocket company nicknamed ” Blue origin ” has just completed it 10th test flight. The rocket code named the new shepherd launched a capsule designed to carry 6 people into the upper atmosphere, this indicates that they are getting ready to launch paying customers to space.

The New Shepard rocket is designed to reignite its engine and land upright on the ground, while the capsule deploys three parachutes to slow its decent. The rocket is automated and reusable, the new shepherd have previously flown three test flights.

blue origin new shepard launch april 2015416703636 - Blue origin completes 10th test flight
Virgin Galactic — which plans to use a rocket-powered plane to fly groups of people to the edge of space -—

conducted its first test flight to reach more than 50 miles above Earth last month, earning commercial astronaut wings for the two pilots aboard the plane.

Reports says that the company’s recent succes has put it on track to begin flying passengers in “five, six months time.” About 600 people have reserved a Virgin Galactic ticket, worth between $200,000 and $250,000.

Blue origin on the other hand has kept everything on a low key for now,no price tag or ticket booking for now.

Bezos has said he is funding Blue Origin by selling about $1 billion worth of his Amazon stock each year.

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