blackview a60 pro 16gb dual sim blue - Blackview A60: Is This $50 Phone Really Worth It

Blackview A60: Is This $50 Phone Really Worth It

Single’s day is a day set aside for singles to enjoy the fact that they are single and also, online stores gets to slash the price of products for them.

blackview a60 pro 1112984742 - Blackview A60: Is This $50 Phone Really Worth It

It more like Black Friday but much better because price of products gets to be slashed by over 70%. One product that caught our eye was a smartphone that costs $50, yes that right.

The A60 Blackview which originally would cost a around $7,200 was sold for $50, i know that just too cheap. You would expect the phone to come with limited hardware and functionalities but wait till you hear the specs.


The Blackview A60 comes with double sim slots, 12800 by 600 water drop screen😮 5 & 13mp dual camera and a micro USB. (Seriously, you were expecting a type-c at that price?)

At that price you could buy 19 of these phone instead of an iPhone.

A headphone jack is also available and it runs Android 8. The downside of this phone is that it not as fast as you would expect, in fact it slow, but i don’t blame them for that.

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