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Bill Gates Take Cooking Lessons From Washington’s State Teacher of The Year 2019

So Washington’s state 2019 Teacher of the year was one Robert Hand, and one of his prizes was to spend an afternoon with former world richest man, Bill Gates.

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Hand teaches family and consumer science, in Lehman terms it means home economics, and we all know that one of the main and interesting topics in home economics was the cooking class.♨

So as we would have it, Bill Gates agreed to take a cooking lesson from him. So the first thing Hand taught Gates was how to cut up a whole chicken, which is believed to be more economical.


It wasn’t too long before you could realise how bad Gates was at cooking. According to Hand, Gates was about to add too much salt to their homemade spice mix before Hand stopped him.😄

Immediately the chicken was ready Gates took a huge bite out of it and said

” it was really good, This is a first time for me. I might surprise my family and show them I know how to do it.”

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