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Bill Gates Just Bought The First Hydrogen Yacht Ever Made

Bill Gates has just made one of the craziest but yet eco-friendly acquisition so far. Although no one knows what his main motive for this is but it might just be a symbol of how wealthy he is.

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The former Microsoft CEO has just placed an order for the first ever made hydrogen powered Superyatcht.

The 370-foot Superyatcht called Aqua by Sinot, is said to cost around $644 million, yes $644 million.😲

The Yacht comes with some very insane features which includes space for up to 14 guests and 32 crew members. It also has five decks and runs on double 1MW motors which are also fuelled by supercooled hydrogen tanks.

Aqua uses some sort of gel-based fire bowls to warm up it passenger instead of the traditional burning of coal and wood.


Yes the yacht isn’t the fastest in the world but at least with it range of 3,750-miles, you can be sure of a cross-ocean travel.

Although some criticisms has begin to surface like people saying that Bill could have used that money to fund the electric and hydrogen vehicle projects which is supposed to have more impact than one sweet and very large cruise ship.⛴️

But common, it his cash and I think he has every right to spend his money the way he likes. And also the Aqua is not gonna be out until 2024 so you all are gonna have to wait.

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